Here’s the dismal truth: The electronic music played at most lesbian parties will inevitably suck. If you’re not listening to a Mary J. Blige remix, then you’re stuck grating your teeth to one too many tribal-house beats that were popular when you’re were graduating high school. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a few golden oldies but when you hear them every weekend, it gets tired fast! For Pride, Shescape (a fixture in the city’s dykedom after dark) and the GLBT Community Center up the ante without deviating too far from the proverbial tree by bringing in the renowned “Jellybean” Benitez to work his disco and house magic for their One Almighty Party. At least he can add some spice to the same old fare. Sat @ 9, Union Square Ballroom, 27 Union Sq W, 212-620-7310.

Staying within the vein of better musical offerings, the ladies of Kolabs—who are new to the promoting pool—assemble a fresh fete titled Come Play. Growing tired of the repetitive playlists around town, they’ve taken the matter into their own hands by gathering a few girlie spin-sters to play tracks that are a little more 2003 and less 1993. DJs Karmelina, Crystal Vega, Popgirl23, Bearjive, and Michamoon spin deep, electro, and tech house for famished ears. Sun @ 9, Guernica, 25 Ave B,

Fitting perfectly into the ’80s-style, electro hysteria that’s kept hipsters in fashion over the past three years, the Meow Mix chix have added a bimonthly party to their roster of glamour girls, rockers, and the like. Carpeteria, which is presented by San Fran’s DJ Lady Base, shares in a funky, soulful jumble of r&b, electro, freestyle, disco, and more. Think pink heels and $3 kamikaze shots. With E-Race, and DJ Oriza. Sat @ 10, Meow Mix, 269 E Houston, 212-254-0688.;