Pride Guide


Life’s not always a party, but during Pride week, we can act like it is! There are many bashes this year, and so we’ve dedicated a whole page to the nightlife madness that is an integral part of this celebration. We also highlighted everything from readings and original theater to exhibitions and lectures throughout the section. Look for the *. Comments by Keisha Franklin and Chris Schmidt.

Girl Parties


The off-the-hook weekly culls dancers from all over for a special night of performances. On the roster, Lady Madonna, who will sashay to the party’s favorite anthem “Lick” (let your imagination run wild on that one), D.C.’s blazing redhead Miss Kiss, and a surprise performer from ATL. It’s gonna get hot and heavy at this bilevel club, so be warned: It’s not for the timid. Thu at 8, 2is, 248 W 14th, 917-541-7176, $10. (KF)


Whoever said the Bronx is wack should do a little homework. One of the first parties to start off the onslaught of Gay Pride celebrations, assembled by Julie’s New York, is in the often forgotten borough. Think Thursday night with DJs Eddie Rod, Tanco, Manny, and JQ spinning hip-hop, merengue, cumbia, house, and more. Indulge in the romantic patio along with two floors of dancing mayhem, contests, cash prizes, and an open bar from 9 to 10. The boogie-down is looking better by the second. Thu at 9, MiGente, 1306 Union Port Rd, Bx, 212-539-3982, $8. (KF)


New party alert! Organized by Jové Baiän and Vim, this weekly soiree will be having its grand opening just in time for the craziest queer weekend of the year. Vim’s DJ K Starr creates the vibe as newfound dancers gyrate for your viewing pleasure. Fri at 10, 99 Hudson, jovebaian.com, $10. (KF)


How will the Latinas at Escuelita be celebrating the weekend? By dancing to George Lamond’s “Si Te Vas,” while he belts out the notes onstage, is how! Coco and Megaboy Kate are bringing him in to sing the hits you love, just don’t forget there will also be fabulous go-gos and top-notch house, salsa, hip-hop, merengue, and more by Oscar Perez and Steve “Chip Chop” Gonzalez (who’s making more appearances this year than a presidential candidate). Fri at 10, Escuelita, 301 W 39th, 212-631-0588, $15. (KF)


Last year, the D.C.-based, acrobatic phenom known as Oohzee was hitting every other major pride celebration from here to Timbuktu. This year, she’s scaled it down a notch—or maybe she’s preparing to make a few undisclosed appearances—either way, this is the one sure place to find the sweetest and most lithe out-of-town dancer. Triple H Ent organizes this event with DJs China and Evil E tag-teamin’ it upstairs and DJ Poison Ivy below. Also on the premises will be the La Home Gyrlz for some live girl-on-girl enticement. Fri at 11, Warehouse, 141 E 140th, Bx, 718-992-9073, $15. (KF)


The New York staple for dykes around town is throwing a little rock our way—P.I.E. opens, followed by Triple Cream. Check out the first annual “Beat Off” pageant: Talented drummers get your sticks ready ’cause whoever plays the best gets crowned numero uno. Filling in the blanks will be DJ Frida with old-skool, hip-hop, and ’80s sounds. Fri at 8, Meow Mix, 269 E Houston, 212-254-0688, $7. (KF)


If you miss out on the day’s festivities, you can play catch-up by heading to the Dyke March’s official after-party. This year things get fun with DJ Karmelina on the ones and twos. Purchase a few cheap cold ones and absorb all the good vibes. Plus, all funds will benefit several bastions of the city’s queer sector: the Dyke March Committee, Dyke TV, and WOW Café Theater. Sat at 9, Theatre for the New City, 155 First Ave, 212-479-8520, $10. (KF)


We all love a good drum circle. Now imagine thousands of women trailing down the street, dancing to the beat, and accompanying the rhythm with whistles and chants. Sounds good, right? Well, your chance to experience it firsthand or relive the good old times will be at the 11th annual Dyke March. Not only will you feel fulfilled by enlisting in a demonstration of communal solidarity and activism, but you might also pocket a few numbers to boot. Hey, a girl can hope. Sat at 5, Bryant Park, 42nd and Sixth Ave to Washington Sq Park, 212-479-8520, free. (KF)


Lovergirl NYC’s notorious Saturday night basement party at Shelter invades both floors and promises to be more ghetto fabulous than ever. Peep innumerable go-go dancers along with extra scandalous performances by the La Home Gyrlz and Miss Kiss, get in on some free giveaways, and revel to hip-hop beats by DJs Missy B, Trini, and Mary Mac. Saturdays have never seemed sweeter. Sat at 10, Shelter, 20 W 39th, 212-252-3397, $20. (KF)


Bottoms up! It’s the fourth annual party at the Chelsea Brewing Company compliments of Lovergirl NYC and Henrietta Hudson. Women come out in spades for this fete (only a couple thousand!) and to keep them enthralled WKTU’s Judy Torres will be doing a live freestyle performance while gender illusionist Dred from the new film Venus Boys will show how drag is done proper. Add on sexy go-gos, DJs Steve “Chip Chop” Gonzalez and Miss Flava, T-shirt and CD giveaways, gourmet pizza, and an outside waterfront deck, and it’s a recipe for a hangover worth inducing! Sat at 9:30, Chelsea Brewing Company, Pier 59, W Side Hwy, at 18th, 212-252-3397, $20. (KF)


It’s the eighth annual, exclusively upscale pride celebration for lady lovers who aren’t afraid of dressing to impress. Hosted by Sheila Ward, the “grown and sexy” will be out in numbers dancing to hip-hop, house, and r&b by DJ Tony C and getting worked up over D.C.’s exotic dancer Boomerang. Grab half-price martinis between 8 and 9 to get the party started right. Sun at 8, Kanvas, 219 Ninth Ave, $10. (KF)


At the official Heritage of Pride women’s event, Shescape, Lovergirl NYC, Henrietta Hudson, and Tre’s Promotions are teaming up for an all-out extravaganza that will leave your head spinning. That’s right, the rumors you’ve heard whispered in dark corners are indeed true, and there is a possibility that hell is freezing over this very moment. Bringing 2,000 women together to dance to the sounds of Miss Flava and Steve “Chip Chop” Gonzalez on the first floor and hip-hop extraordinaire DJ Mary Mac on the second, the Goliaths of lesbian nightlife also pull in their entourage of lovely go-gos, along with special performances by D.C.’s Sky and New Yawker China. Sun at 8, Culture Club, 179 Varick, shescape.com, lovergirlnyc.com, henriettahudsons.com, $20-15. (KF)


Sorry, peeps, Amerie had to back out of this Sunday finale but fret not, ’cause Allure—you know, the ladies first recognized for the cover of Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s “All Cried Out” as well as 2001’s release of “Sunny Day”—will be performing in her stead. A dare to be, ahem, bare contest will later ensue and these ladies will be getting down to the nitty gritty. DJ Kam plays in the reggae room as DJs Dinero and India spin on the main floor. A free buffet, giveaways, and dancers round out the evening. Sun at 8, Downtime, 251 W 30th, girlzparty.com, $20. (KF)


What would Sunday be without a stopover at Henry’s? If this place didn’t exist one could only imagine the dismay of the 4,000-plus women who venture to pack it every year, pooling down Hudson and Morton streets looking for a place to cruise and drink to their hearts’ content—it would be tragic mayhem. But the spot’s alive and well (thank heavens!) and the women are guaranteed to be there by the truckloads, listening to the music of Kim Dazy (by day), DJ Culi (from 9 on), and boozin’ it up until the cows come home. Amen! Sunday from noon to midnight, Henrietta Hudson, 438 Hudson, at Morton, 212-924-3347, henriettahudsons.com, free. (KF)


Some gay boys find partying with the lesbians a bigger blast than hitting up the nearest Chelsea spot—and, no, not all of them are dorks who can’t get laid. This party recognizes and encourages this fact by welcoming all the ladies to bring their wonderfully gay “boyfriends” to join in on the fun. Two floors blaring rare grooves, hip-hop, and house make for summer fun. Sun at 10, Bauhaus, 196 Orchard, $10. (KF)


After all the weekend hoopla, take some time to unwind at this open mic (and open turntable) shindig, which serves as a forum for people to share and appreciate artistic and creative expression in every form. From a woman skating to music, spoken word, and singing to an acoustic guitar to a capoeira performance and art exhibition, it provides a loungey, judgment-free setting for ladies looking for support in presenting their material. Don’t miss out on music by the Vim group’s DJs K Starr and Chocolategirlwonder, delicious finger foods, and drink specials—last time I went, they had $3 tequila shots (that’ll douse anyone’s stage fright!). Tue at 8, Opaline, 85 Ave A, free. (KF)

Boy Parties


The last time you donned roller skates was probably in seventh grade, when you held hands and locked braces with your “girlfriend.” Well, Pride is the time to dust off old memories and update them. Put your balls to the wall at the Roxy with DJ Danny Krivit (who shuns power ballads) and some of New York’s fastest bitches on wheels. Rent skates there or bring your own. (Gay) blades are allowed, but aren’t they, like, so eight years ago? Thu at 8, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 212-946-6313, $15. (CS)


Pride weekend can really age a girl if she’s not careful. That’s why it’s smart to start your weekend among the young’uns at the Slide’s pop-inflected Thursday-night party, which claims to “do chicken right.” Friday turns topical with the annual Gay Shame Night. Don’t get your Pride panties all in a bunch—it’s shameless abandon that’s encouraged, with World Famous *BOB* egging things on. At 1 a.m., out crooner Ari Gold (think Justin Timberlake with better abs) takes the stage upstairs at the Marquee, while the underrated DJ Girlina keeps things fresh in the basement. Thu & Fri at 10, the Slide, 356 Bowery, in the cellar, 212-420-8885, Thu free, Fri $5. (CS)


The Warehouse crowd (lesbians welcome) arrives downtown to invade the ultimate Chelsea boy mecca. Erstwhile Body & Soul DJs Danny Krivit and David Depino spin on the main floor, so don’t be surprised by the fierce children who show their faces. You know who you are—don’t disappoint. Open bar till midnight. Fri at 11, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 212-645-5156, $20. (CS)


Homothugs keep it real—real masculine, that is—at this safer-sex party in Harlem. Plan ahead (way ahead: Is there still time to hire a personal trainer? Because admission policy is “discretionary”). If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the chocolate factory, send stats and face and body pics to partyinfo@ndahood.com. Fri & Sat at 11, 212-926-8822, ndahood.com. (CS)


This Flatiron/Chelsea institution rarely deviates from its winning formula: Expect a mix of cruisy regulars and fresh-eyed tourists, cheesy decor, house classics, and bartenders of ox-like proportions. Saturday boasts Grammy Award-winning producer Hex Hector along with Splash’s signature shower show. Sunday is “Under the Rainbow II” with DJ Susan Morabito and DJ Max Rodriguez, with no end of feel-good extras, like “DJ Max’s Special Gay Pride Tribute Video Compilation” and “sporadic energy buffet.” You get the idea. Sat at 10, Sun at 6, SBNY, 50 W 17th, 212-533-5757, splashbar.com, $30. (CS)


Tonight, queer people of color shake it up on the main floor to funk, drum’n’bass, bhangra, hip-hop, and everything in between, courtesy of DJ Rekha. Desi classics by DJ Ibrahim. All proceeds to benefit the Audre Lorde Project (word!) and the South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association. Sat at 8, Club Shelter, 20 W 39th, 212-719-4479, $20. (CS)


Last year Victor Calderone’s “Provocateur” boasted Alan Cumming as host of an Eyes Wide Shut-style masquerade. This year’s fete finds him—still smarting from some of last year’s technical mishaps—promising a stripped-down, back- to-roots affair faithful to his burgeoning interest in tribal music. Out with the symphony orchestra, in with the 20-person percussion corps. Diva extraordinaire Kevin Aviance heads a cadre of warrior go-go boys. Calderone claims to have gotten the kinks out; will you? Sat at 10, Hammerstein Ballroom, 311 W 34th, 866-215-1026, $60. (CS)


Remember that time you partied well into Monday, did so much kiki your septum glowed radioactive, had a nervous breakdown, flushed your dealer’s number down the toilet—and still didn’t get laid? Me neither. But if you did, it’s a good chance your troubles started at Roxy, now the longest-running gay party anywhere. Peter Rauhofer and Manny Lehman join forces on a double bill. N.B.: If you’re underage and itchin’ to get your club on, this event is 18 and over. Sat at 11, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 212-645-5156, jblair.com, $55. (CS)


Escuelita, where the manmilk is cinnamon-and-mocha-flavored, hosts a two-night Pride bacchanalia. Two-for-one well drinks the first hour after doors open. Always a draw for this queer peer is Harmonica Sunbeam, who performs twice Sunday night. Ms. Kevin Aviance ought to watch her back when Sunbeam lights up the house; her Whitney Houston is off the hook. Sat at 10 & Sun at 7, Escuelita, 301 W 39th, 212-631-0588, $15. (CS)


This homothug heaven way up in borough five turns six. Following their remote party at Roxy Friday night, the boys bring it home to the Bronx Saturday with a 12-hour dance party: three rooms of music, exotic dancers, and a surprise show. Sat at 11:30, Warehouse New York, 141 E 140th, Bx, 718-992-5974, $20. (CS)


The title of Junior Vasquez’s party-to-end-all-Pride-parties (literally: the boys’ll be dancing their feet raw well into Monday night) evokes the recent Christina Aguilera anthem that so made my spring bearable. But don’t expect the recently tubbified diva to show. In fact, as of press time, it’s unclear whether any performers—Tamya? Solange?—are confirmed. No matter: Juniorheads will walk through broken glass to pay homage to the master. Billy Carroll opens. Sun at 11, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 212-645-5156, $45 from marknelson.biz, $75 at the door. (CS)


Get your ass on down to the Paddlewheel Queen and shake your booty on one of two dancefloors, with music by DJs Fred Pierce and Calvin Smith. Also on deck are a free Absolut vodka tasting, cash bar, and a light buffet—but take it easy on the nosh. The operative phrase on Pride is “whatever floats your boat,” not your “bloat.” Sun at 5:30, boards at 23rd & FDR Dr, 212-613-0097, $40. (CS)


In the year or so since it’s opened, this medium-sized East Village club has provided old-school fun for twentysumpins who like to think dirty but keep their Lacoste shirts clean. On Pride weekend, the club opens on Sunday instead of Friday, and hosts Mario Diaz and Cazwell hold a strip contest with a $500 cash prize. In the Lover’s Lounge, drop your pants to join the Panty Party. Sophia Lamar, Amanda Lepore, and Formika, among others, will grace us with their presence. Sun at 10 p.m., Opaline, 85 Ave A, 212-995-8684, $20. (CS)


This new tea dance, organized by Mark Nelson, has just added “Official Pier Dance Afterparty” to its banner, and the questions are a-flyin’: Will the untested space at B-Lo hold the assembled masses? Is the venue too high-end for the hot-and-sweaties? Will the diverse crowd—Chelsea boys, B&Ters, and, (shocker!) lesbians—congeal? This isn’t brain surgery, folks. It’s a party. You go, you dance, you rock. DJ Guido headlines; performances by dance artist Inda-Matrix, among others, add camp appeal. Sun at 6, B-Lo, 230 W 19th, 212-206-7579, $20. (CS)


Don’t let the cute asterisk fool you—this ain’t the teen rag with Josh Hartnett on the cover. No, *Seventeen is, in Dietrich’s words, “the inevitable one”: the Pier Dance, which takes off right where the parade burps up and dies. If your curiosity has ever been piqued, the time to check out this living legend is now. Should the Hudson River Park development proceed as planned, 2003 could be the last year ever that the dance will be held on Pier 54. Kristine W headlines and über-cute DJ Brett Henrichsen spins along with Kris Kono. Sun at 4, Pier 54 on Hudson River Park, 13th and W Side Hwy, 800-494-TIXS, $65. (CS)


This year, taking a cue from Red Curtain maestro Baz Luhrman, the Latino-tinged circuit party Alegria reinterprets Moulin Rouge for Pride. Because they can-can-can. While Madame Kidman may have grabbed the limelight, for the gays the movie was all about Kylie Minogue in her cameo as the absinthe-induced Green Fairy. At this party you’ll no doubt find that drier—if no less hallucinogenic—tonics keep the fairies high-kicking into the wee hours. Sun at 11 p.m., Sound Factory, 618 W 46th, tickets $70 online at alegriaevents.com, $80 at the door. (CS)


To the smallish, if excellently located, Meatpacking lounge Hell comes this Body & Soul manqué “for people who detest the repetitive thump of typical club music,” say the promoters. Meow! DJ Manchildblack keeps things real with ’70s soul and deep house (my girl Chaka; Earth, Wind & Fire; and such). Bets are on for how long after doors open till a Stevie Wonder classic whips the crowd into the musical equivalent of post-coital bliss. For always. Sun at 5, Hell, 59 Gansevoort, 212-727-1666, $5. (CS)