It’s finally happened: The Metro Area boys are as popular in their hometown as they are overseas, where the Brits and other European types caught on to the duo’s organic disco nouveau long before we losers did. They’ve got a Best New Artist Dance Star award under their belt, and the admiration and accolades of, well, not millions exactly, but all of downtown. That’s something, ain’t it? Lucky us, we can see them every month at Party Out of Bounds. Unlucky for us, the downstairs at APT is still closed. Lucky for us, the upstairs is open and there is a teensy, tiny smoking area. Thursday @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212-414-4245.

The P.S.1 Warm Up series is back in full swing; last weekend featured Richie Hawtin and Magda, and this weekend finds Body & Soul‘s Danny Krivit in the mix, with another local legend, E-Man of Bang the Party fame. If you’re too lazy to go to the real beach, the urban beach-art installation is the best way to get some sun, cruise hotties, and dance at the same time. Saturday @ 3 p.m., P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, 22-25 Jackson Ave, Qns, 718-784-2084.

The long-running GBH party has been beefing up its headlining guests lately, with this week’s featured DJ coming all the way from San Fran, Mark Farina. The diminutive jock specializes in the smooth (sometimes a little too smooth), slick, upbeat house that manages to please just about everyone. With residents Carl Kennedy, Frank Delour, Anthony Mac, Seth, and hostess Miss Understood. Friday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 212-627-7770.

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