This week’s picks might leave you with a mid-’90s hangover, but it’s better than the early-’80s nightmare we’re currently in. Second-wave Detroit techno DJ-producer Carl Craig makes a rare appearance at Rude Movements. While the venue is a mite too cozy for such a big name, it’s also a good way to hear some of Craig’s best vinyl (one wonders if he’ll go with his jazzier stuff or if he’ll stick to his famed Detroit records). He’s joined by locals Gamall and Karl Injex. Tuesday @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212-414-4245.

Drum’n’bass diehards have been following their movements for a while, but for those who dropped off the drum’n’bass bandwagon after it became a speed metal sport, the latest maneuverings of Krust and Die of Reprazent fame might come as a welcome surprise. They are touring behind the I Kamanchi record—which follows in the footsteps of their work on Reprazent and Roni Size’s collective, Breakbeat Era. Female MC Tali’s voice bounces with the beats—organic, funky, and not too rough around the edges. With local d’n’b and breaks jocks, DJ Seoul, Reid Speed, Artur L, Sara Walker, K-Swing, and Miss Bliss. Thursday @ 10, Filter 14, 432 W 14th, 212-366-5680.

The producers Dan and Jon Kahuna offer a weird mix of electro-acid-trance-techno hybrids on their CD Machine Says Yes. Apparently, their machines said yes to just about everything, often within the same track. Some songs are pretty, ambient pieces of bliss, while others get tacky—using cool old synth sounds to augment candy-covered vocals in tunes that can’t decide whether they’re going to be “Electroclash” or trance. They make for an unlikely pairing at the Subliminal Sessions party. Thursday @ 10, Discotheque, 17 W 19th, 212-352-9999.