The Second Annual Cryogenic Baseball Quiz


Ted Williams is still dead, but his quiz lives on. While the Splendid Splinter is on ice somewhere in the great Southwest, you yourself have a chance to chill—with a prize in our Second Annual Cryogenic Baseball Quiz.

All you have to do is answer 12 questions correctly and write a brief essay. We’ll award three grand-prize packages to the entrants with the most correct answers. In the event of ties, answers to the quiz’s essay question, judged in a strictly arbitrary fashion by the Voice, will decide the winners. We’ll publish the answers and contest results in a future issue and then at

Our three winners will each receive an autographed copy of the The Mad Dog 100 by WFAN’s Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo and yours truly, an autographed copy of Noah Liberman’s Glove Affairs, and a Voice baseball cap. We’ll also award three honorable-mention prizes: plain old copies of The Mad Dog 100.

So pour yourself a Teddy Baseball (on the rocks) and get to work.


E-mail entries must be sent only to no later than 11:59 p.m., August 20, 2003. Snail-mail entries must be addressed to Cryogenic Quiz, c/o Sports Editor, Village Voice, 36 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003 and be postmarked no later than August 20, 2003. No faxed or phoned entries will be accepted. All entries must include name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address (if applicable). Only one entry per person, please.


1. This season shortstop Derek Jeter became the 11th captain of the Yankees. Given the fate of such previous captains as Lou Gehrig and Thurman Munson, this may be a dubious honor at best. Which Yankee captain had the shortest term, and how did his captaincy end?

2. In case you hadn’t noticed, Barry Bonds had a pretty good season last year. Name two single-season records broken by Bonds in 2002, and name the player who previously held each record.

3. “I grew up in the 1960s, and I think I could tell by looking in a guy’s eyes if he was smoking dope.” Who said it?

4. Joe Torre, fifth all-time among Yankee managers in wins, reportedly came close to getting fired earlier this season. Name the four managers ahead of Torre on the win list, how many championships he won, and how each ended his Yankee managerial career.

5. After a brief stint playing for the Newark Bears, Rickey Henderson returned to the majors in July, signing with the Dodgers at the age of 44. Who is the oldest player ever to play in the major leagues, and what did he do in his last game?

6. With a .707 career winning percentage entering the season, Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez was second among pitchers who played in the 20th century. Which pitcher has the all-time best career winning percentage after 1900?

7. Who was the first African American to win a World Series ring?

8. I am a Hall of Famer. My career ERA of 2.90 is better than Steve Carlton‘s. But my career won-lost record is 3-4 and I pitched a total of only 102 1/3 innings. Who am I?

9. David Wells was fined by the Yankees this spring for his published comments about having pitched a no-hitter while under the influence. Another onetime Yankee hurler, Dock Ellis, once claimed that in 1970 he pitched a no-hitter against the Padres while he was tripping on LSD. Who was the last hitter Ellis retired to complete the no-hitter?

10. Former Met and current Yankee reliever Jesse Orosco holds the major league record for total career appearances by a pitcher. True or false: Fellow pitcher Pud Galvin threw more innings in two years of his career than Orosco did in the first 23 seasons of his?

11. After Sammy Sosa was caught using a corked bat, he claimed that he used the doctored bat “just to put on a show for the fans,” adding, “I like to make people happy, and I do that in batting practice.” Name the alleged bat doctors who gave the following explanations:

(a) “Some . . . fan in Chicago gave it to me and said it would bring me good luck.”

(b) “If all my bats were corked, how come they haven’t surfaced? . . . Don’t you think all the people who hated me over the course of my career would have gone out of their way to steal one of my corked bats?”

(c) “I had enough cork and superballs in there to blow away anything. . . . [I]t probably meant about 193 home runs for me.”

(d) “If I had known it was corked, I would have tried to swing, but the first two times at the plate that game I tried to bunt.”

12. If Greg Maddux stalls out, Roger Clemens could be baseball’s last 300-game winner. Who was the first?

13. Essay question, in 200 words or less:

What is baseball’s greatest moment of the new millennium, and why? (For the purposes of this quiz, the millennium began on January 1, 2000.)