Summer’s slipping through our fingers like sand, but there’s still time to revel in the sun via one of Matter:/Form’s famous OVERBOARD boat parties. This ship has two of tech house’s best DJ-producers on board, Terry Francis and Evil Eddie Richards. They are the kind of DJs who make other disc jockeys quiver at the knees—both of them possessing a smart ear for music that’s equal parts pretty and tough, as well as tight DJ’ing skills. If you’re gonna be trapped on a boat for four hours with 300 of your closest friends, you could do a whole lot worse than this party. With local DJ Francis Harris, who’s no slouch either.

Sunday @ 8, Paddlewheel Queen, 23rd at FDR Dr,

The kids at Area 10009 are up to no good, yet again. Hostess with the mostess, Misstress Formika has brought together a motley cast of characters for the special themed night, entitled POPSTARS ON DRUGS REALNESS. The idea is that crowd members can portray their favorite wasted pop stars to win a chance at $100, a trophy, and a “bump.” (Whatever that is.) With DJs Adam and Steve Travolta providing the soundtrack, plus a special performance by Jeanie, who will do a turn as “Whitney.” Houston, we have a problem.

Friday @ 10, Opaline, 85 Ave A, 212-475-5050.

Our local French import Neil Aline’s back in action (not that he ever really left). Aline’s party, DROP!, features special guest DJ Deep, a man who takes his name seriously—making and spinning the kind of house music New York became known for. Vocals are heavy but not over-the-top diva bleating, and the music is a blend of jazz, disco, and funk with a smooth four-to-the-floor beat. Relaxing.

Thursday at 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212-414-4245.