Fancy Feast


Fancy from Fannypack is famous. So famous that he can cruise through the line at Time Café while his friend Moby goes virtually unnoticed. Of course, if you were dressed like a Parisian dandy, with Coke-bottle glasses, skinny li’l mustache, a newsboy hat, and tight, tight, tight jeans (no cameltoe, alas), you’d be recognized instantaneously, too.

I caught up with Fancy at Joe’s Pub last Wednesday, where I’d ventured for what I expected to be a mellow night, to see Voice music editor Chuck Eddy spinning under his nom de disc DJ Edelweiss at the La Leche show. However, a quiet evening was not in store once I ran into Fancy, who—and I will admit this with red-faced shame—I had no idea was actually in Fannypack until I saw a photo of him in a magazine. “I know that gay-seeming straight man!” I shreiked.

Fancy-pants and his bald-headed buddy Moby were hanging out after watching their fave performer, René Risqué. Fancy was offering sex for column inches when a female friend of his who worked at the Gramercy Park Hotel showed up to join the festivities. He then shared this sage advice: “The Gramercy Park Hotel is the best place to pick up 38-year-old secretaries to finger.” Such lewdness is not surprising coming from the same man who co-wrote the lyrics “Is your crotch hungry, girl?/’Cause it’s eating your pants.”

I asked him, “Fancy, are you a metrosexual?” “Yes,” he blushed, “but I think I invented it.” And with that, he sashayed into the night with his female friend.

While the Time Café party was less than fancy, I’ll tell you a little secret. Bruce Willis and Dan Aykroyd will be opening a super-exclusive V.I.P. joint in Avalon (the old Limelight space) called the Spider Club. It’ll have its own separate entrance and will operate on three levels. Now, that’s fancy!

The club is set for a September 20 launch with Seb Fontaine headlining (not so fancy), and Dave Ralph, the renowned house DJ, is one of the creative directors (very fancy!). The space looks totally different, says Ralph, and will have three rooms, with the Chapel taking on the role of the chill-out area.

Another space that’s undergone a drastic makeover is Shine, now known as the Canal Room. As part of the $1 million renovation, they’ve moved the bathrooms downstairs, built an enclosed V.I.P. booth that sits a foot higher than the stage, and moved the stage area to the Canal Street side. Owner Marcus Linial reports that people who’ve seen it say it’s unrecognizable. He expects the club will be ready to open after Labor Day weekend; until then, they’ve been hosting private parties, including one that was filmed by VH1 for a possible reality show modeled after The Restaurant. But Linial is undecided about whether or not he wants to participate in a program that will likely concentrate on “the argument between the two bartenders,” rather than the music.

The folks at Crobar were also supposed to be the subject of such a documentary, but according to reports of those who’ve seen the space, there isn’t much to film just yet. The place was still a construction zone just a few weeks ago, and there have been whispers that the owners had run out of money. One source said that tan, handsome co-owners Ken Barlich and Cal Fortis had been approaching several local club owners about going in on the space. (Incidentally, the Chicago Crobar is currently closed for renovations.)

Pippa McArdle, a spokesperson for the club refuted the reports of trouble. “Crobar was always scheduled to open in the fall, and this has not changed,” she said. “Crobar has no financial difficulties. The construction is moving so quickly, I can’t wait for you to see it!”

Across the street, things are also under way at the old Twilo spot; owner Robert Wootton, who hails from Dublin, Ireland, has been working O.T. to get Spirit up and running. The space has a holistic theme (three areas are called Mind, Body, Spirit), and will feature a restaurant with an adjacent bar and lounge area; the main dancefloor, which has been excavated and dropped to accommodate a mezzanine; and a wellness center upstairs. The restaurant will emphasize vegetarian fare with some raw-food dishes. Wootton’s master plan includes the unveiling of five more Spirit venues, the next one in Cape Town, South Africa, with clubs in Athens, Sydney, Shanghai, and Rio to follow. “I was guided to do this,” says Wootton. “I know it sounds strange, but that’s the reason.”

Centro-Fly may be shut for a renovation (yet another one!), but if you rilly, rilly miss it, you can see it on the big screen: The club has a 10-minute spot in the movie Uptown Girls, starring Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning. You might not recognize C-Fly in the scenes where Miss Murphy’s character whoops it up, thanks to some overzealous decorating on the part of the film crew. “They made it look like a bar mitzvah,” says co-owner Tom Sisk. Not fancy!!

Fly Life will be on vacation for two weeks.