If awards were given out for the best old skool, soul-pop parties, odds are KeiStar Productions—known for funky, jam-packed events like the SOUL SLAM series and this year’s BLACK AUGUST— would place in the top five. This week, they get back on track with their five year anniversary party (which was cancelled due to the blackout), called the REALNESS: ’80S JAM AND ROLLER-SKATING BASH. Producer-at-large and co-owner of Beyond Real Recordings, DJ Spinna is guaranteed to play his signature mix of classic soul, house, hip-hop, ’80s pop-rock, and more, plus the rink is freshly renovated—even though it’s hella far out in Brooklyn, it’s worth the trek!

Friday @ 11:30, Empire Roller Skating Center, 200 Empire Boulevard, Bklyn, RSVP:, 212.591.2040.

The sweetest sounding drum’n’bass to reach my ears these days comes compliments of Brazil-native DJ Marky (of the U.K.’s Movement crew). There’s just something about how he blends heavy bass lines with happy, boppy melodies that makes me all warm inside. For THE MOVEMENT TOUR (hosted by the d’n’b loyalists at Direct Drive), Marky will be appearing alongside his Brazilian partner-in-crime XRS. If he mixes live anything like he did on his THE BRAZILIAN JOB compilation, we’re all in for a sunny treat. With MC Stamina, DJ Seoul, Takeya, and Sara Walker.

Sunday @ 8, Filter 14, 14th btwn 9th & 10th Aves,

APT seems to have a new party every month and this one promises to be just as edgy, grooved out, and fun as all the rest. Brennan Green (from Modal and Balihu) and Roy Dank (of Mathematics) have put together a little something they call POP YOUR FUNK. Playing an eclectic hodgepodge of quasi-disco, electroboogie, punk-funk, dub, and who knows what else, they plan to either make you sick or happy. Can’t blame anyone for being honest.

Thursday at 10, APT, 419 W 13th,