Teenpop’s Hot New Ingenue Recommends You to the Spirit in the Sky


When Kimberly Caldwell bursts onto the American Idols Live! stage for her solo showpiece, she pricks up the ears of every ‘tween in the arena. Instead of covering something by a showbiz titan nobody under 25 has heard of, KimberME muscles in on the turf of a Christian singer four years her junior—”Stuck” is a melodramatic tale of high-school anguish as only a scion of the Houston-Carey dynasty can pitch it, and Stacie Orrico has been a TRL fave since March, when that first single off her self-titled sophomore album was released.

Orrico has since returned to the countdown with “(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life,” where she questions the impulse to chase “down every temporary high . . . ” Contemporary Christian musicians are old hands at the romantic bait and switch (judgmental believers regularly disparage “Jesus is my girlfriend” songs), but Orrico shows the benefit of both patience and solid marketing advice. Next up is a Diane Warren number, but somewhere along the line Orrico’s gonna break out the G-word. Sneaky, but hardly objectionable. What dad wouldn’t sleep easier knowing his hot, younger-than-barely-legal little girl had a history of succumbing to blandishments of only imaginary boyfriends?

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