I Got To Cultivate The Rite of Passage That Be Captivating Me


Snoop will be a surprise guest at your friend or loved one’s special day . . . Note: We are especially looking for children who are going to have a bar mitzvah in the next two months. —from

Fashizzle! Imagine Snoop on the bima, laid-back drawl and all, rapping an Aliyah. What better way to become a man than to hang with the Doggfather? And if Snoop’s latest hit “It Blows My Mind” off the The Neptunes Present . . . the Clones is any indication, your surprise present is probably a big phat doob.

The track bluntly begins with Pharrell Williams’s falsetto stating dedication and worship: “You should smoke some weed.” A crescendo of kingly horns announces his (reputedly rehabbed) highness, and escalates into a funk gurgle. Snoop arrives riding the baritone beat kissed with xylophone chimes. “Blowing chronic is like a tradition to me,” he chants.

Snoop’s reverence for pot is biblical. He lazily raps, “The greener the tree, the stronger the bud,” one of his commandments of weed. It’s been 10 years since Doggystyle, and Snoop’s on his second round of kids. In a heated tangent, Snoop describes himself as “Bob Marley reincarnated, pupils dilated, emancipated, concentrated, invaded, raided many times, you surprised I made it?” Um, a little.