I know the electro thing is so passé, but really, you should make an exception for Opti-Grab, three local cuties who do the old-skool thang pretty well. When they rap over some super-catchy beats, they won’t make you ashamed to be dancing to something so blatantly retro. Their record release party is tonight, with techno DJ extraordinaire Silver coming out of hiding just for you.

Friday @ 10, Don Hill’s, 511 Greenwich, 212.219.2850.

Now that we’ve used and abused the ’80s, it’s time to move on to the ’70s. A party at a new venue promises to do just that. Oblivion tips its hat to both the funky disco and rock ‘n’ roll of that era with premier DJs like Nicky Siano, Kenny Carpenter (both of whom played at Studio 54), Ralphie Dee, and Lenny Dee in a tag-team set on the disco side. Motherfucker’s Michael T, Chris Love, and DJ Soulmaster will be rocking out.

Saturday @ 10, Daylight Studio, 450 W 31st,

For those yearning for something more in the here and now, a little drum’n’ bass and 2step will do some good. Nothing retro will be heard at DIRECT DRIVE (unless we’re talking about old-skool amens), there will be no ironic asymmetrical hairdos on display (thank the heavens), and there will be people in attendance who’ve never heard of electroclash. Even better, the party is back in the meatpacking district at the old Cooler (now called Rare). Also Reid Speed is spinning in support of her new CD—and she rocks.

Saturday @ 10, Rare, 416 W 14th, 212.613.0900,