Mug Shots: The Former Patio Comes Indoors for a Drink


After an intense night of essential avant-garde cinema at Anthology Film Archives, discerning hipsters who need to remove their chunky plastic specs and refresh their parched souls need not go far. Mugsy’s, the kitschy garage-cum-watering hole formerly known as Patio, sits only a stone’s throw away. On nights when Pabst isn’t enough and/or there’s an extra five bucks in your pocket, splurge on the Spicy Pomegranate Margarita ($7), a mix of Sauza tequila, lime juice, imported Middle Eastern pomegranate molasses, and a pinch of Aleppo pepper for a cinnamony kick that’ll make your circa-’68 Jagger mop-top wilt. In Patio’s tradition, the bartenders at Mugsy’s freshly squeeze pulpy juices into their drinks to satisfy exigent palates. So, their apple martini (vodka and Apple Pucker; $8) is like none other: mouthwatering, genuinely fragrant, and of a color actually found in nature. Unlike Patio, Mugsy’s promises to be open year-round and to offer a rotating menu that reflects the changing seasons. Before winter’s chill requires your vintage ’70s ski vest, cabbie hat, and a brew that warms your belly, get your abnormally tall friend, your token Asian pal, and your over-30 metalhead to try these two potions before they’re gone.