Ace Ace Babies


Involving children in sexual things makes many people pop their loads. So it is appropriate that stupid people in Australia should be persuaded to paint children in Kiss makeup, dress them in gowns, place them under spotlights, and allow them to sing gaily along to a dirty song.

“You’ve seen what my mouth can do,” chortles Gene about a fan’s wish for cunnilingus. Then it’s on to a line about Paul’s hands and how girls in the audience wish he would “do it” to them—an administration of the old stinkfinger, so to speak. “You’ve got great expectations!” pipe the kids of the choir.

Hearing and seeing pictures of Melbourne moppets enthusiastically joining in the call for erotic manipulation by Kiss members will make all those disgusted with Kiss’s lunch-box kiddiefication clap their hands. It’s a brief return to the exciting, smug disgrace of the early days.

The rest of the good stuff on Alive IV comes first, and lasts for half an hour. An ace Ace mimic, promoted from toil within the bowels of the Kiss Korporation, fires his elders through “Deuce,” “Strutter,” “Let Me Go Rock and Roll,” and “Calling Dr. Love”—as if he knows the tots are eventually going to upstage him.