Anglophiles have a whole week of Brit obsessing ahead of them. Perhaps one of the best events of the TRANSATLANTIC EXPRESS FEST, which celebrates Manchester and Liverpool’s contributions to the art and music worlds, will be at the long-running TISWAS party. The weekly is celebrating its eighth year with residents Nick Marc and Justine D spinning their usual mishmash of brit-pop, new wave, and rock. They’ll be joined by Bez of the Happy Mondays, with a live performance from Manchester’s Fi-Lo Radio, Liverpool’s Hokum Clones, and local band Aerial Love Feed.

For more info visit Saturday @ 9, Don Hill’s, 511 Greenwich St, 212.219.2850

Holland obsessives (OK, so there’s no such thing, but I needed a transition) can get a good electro fix courtesy of a crew of artists hailing from the Hague on this Bunker Records showcase. (And we’re talking about real electro, not that fashion stuff that’s so popular with the kids these days). Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, and Macho Cat Garage all perform live p.a.’s; TLR DJ, Unknown, and Cowboy Mark mess with the vinyl stuff.

Wednesday @ 10:30, Sin-e, 150 Attorney, 212.388.0077

The folks at APT must have a secret sauce they’ve been putting in the drinks of all the Detroit techno DJs, because they seem to be the only ones who are able to coax these fellows out of their rabbit holes as of late. The latest Detroiter to come through (on the heels of recent appearances from Carl Craig and Stacey Pullen) is Juan Atkins—who’s being brought in at the behest of the NEGROCLASH crew. Also spinning are residents Duane, Lindsey, and DJ Language.

Thursday @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212.414.4245