Prey for Gina


Gina Gershon is a hit with the ladies—not surprising, as the lusty lady had Sapphic roles in Bound and Showgirls. So I was prepared for the lesbian love fest at Pianos last Monday, where Ms. Gershon played with her backing band, the cuties from Girls Against Boys, in support of her lead role in the film Prey for Rock & Roll. But I was not prepared for every poodle-haired lesbian from New Jersey to show up. Yeah, the Meow Mix chicks were there, but their hair wasn’t blocking my view of Gina sexily slingin’ her guitar and giving her trademark sneer. (All right, I was leering.)

Ladies with heavily moussed ‘dos, wearing Mafioso leather jackets, shouted, “No joke, Gina! No joke!” Gina, though lookin’ lovely, wasn’t the best singer (kinda uninteresting, kinda warbly); as a performer, she was a bit stiff; and the songs were average (or, as a friend said, they were “flatter than a five-year-old’s chest”). However, she played the guitar, the mouth harp, and the keyboards with ease, which is more than you can say for most actresses and Courtney Love. She ended her set with two covers, “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” and “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’,” and was quickly ushered out movie-star style to a waiting van—presumably headed to her next gig at Joe’s Pub, where Lenny Kravitz joined her onstage, and Liev Schreiber and Julianna Margulies were in the crowd. The New Jersey lesbians—left on the sidewalk clutching their cameras and bottles of hairspray—were off to their next destination, presumably a soccer match at Asbury Park.

That popular blog, is off, too—off the air. The site’s master, Miss Modernage, after being coined Best Scenester in our Best of New York issue, has stopped blogging, leaving Miss Fly Life to wipe her tears, but there are already bloggers getting into position for to take over her hipster mantle, most notably a Detroiter at “Unlike Friendster, we know when it’s a good time to stop,” writes Miss Modernage, who also assures us, “There is no conspiracy theory, there’s no dramatic cause for the demise of the current site, we’re not locked up in a mental hospital, our cat has not died, we did not seduce Justin Timberlake this weekend and run off to Tahiti with him, we haven’t been kidnapped, we haven’t sold out, etc. ” Perhaps she crumbled under the pressure of being anointed by the Voice; perhaps she was sick of writing about Jack White and the Strokes; perhaps she wanted to, like, get some sleep—whatevs, she gone.

GBH, however is back. The long-running house party, which has been on hiatus for a while, has finally picked a new home, Lotus, previously the site of many Hilton Sisters shenanigans, now the site of David Rabin legally dancing in his cabaret-licensed space. Meanwhile, GBH’s old home, Centro-Fly is just about to celebrate its grand reopening this Friday with a Chemical Brothers blowout. Co-owner Tom Sisk says he didn’t give the club a “Steven Lewis makeover,” a reference to the aforementioned club guru’s lightly rearranged look at Spa, now Plaid. Marc Ronson will be returning, and that next weekend will feature the Crystal Method on Saturday night. Not exactly the major musical overhaul we were hoping for (you know, some experimental beats, minimal techno, micro house, some IDM, etc.), but we realize the club has to stay in business and Mr. Sisk has to make a living.

You might have to drive to New Jersey (don’t run over the permed lesbos) or upstate New York to enter but it’ll be worth it. Kuddly, kute turntablist Kid Koala is having a contest, and it’s not your usual win-a-ticket-to-the-show-and-a-sticker kind of thing. Apparently, if you enter at a CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores: shop or online at, you are eligible to win the grand prize—the DJ will come to your house and perform. His girlfriend will make dinner. And Mr. Koala will leave you his turntables, mixers, and speakers to keep all for yourself. OK, that’s kool.