Zgryz Stole the Graham Keeshka From the Monkey Butcher Shop


Hey Body, look alive. At ghostly door of recently concluded elementary school Halloween carnival, which groan open like G. Washington’s wooden teeth. Is Judge Groovski, moonlighting. He thus intone, “Come und stand next to electric Poles, Godzilla vould like, to step on your toes.”

Grace notes chime, bass notes grind, and we’re off. No, not to see the gizzard; next up on Groovski is grown-up “Glupi Stamos.” Translated gist: “John Stamos, stop with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, oh her toes!” Bailiff-guitarist Leslie Blatteau is feminine-sensible: “Who ever heard, of just one sandal.” Nevertheless, in “Social Skills,” bassist Adam Malec is ripping his Judge mask off, getting happy again, with a “faul-ty, sensory device!”

Which cuts no ice in “Mockery of a Mockery,” as tight time tilts guilt-edged graffiti down the gullet of “Propensity to Consume.” So by “Eclectic on Sundays,” Ex-Judge compulsively cross-examines: “Do you emancipate monkeys? Do you anticipate car keys?” But can’t stop the music, and soon his head is exploding (“Is this what you call foreiggghhhhn?”) into waves of gravity. (Surfing U.S.A.? You betski.)

Also including guitarist-vocalist Tim Borkowski and drummer Bogdan Chudy, Pleasant Beach, New Jersey’s (all but Leslie) Polish American Groovksi cite Joy Division/New Order/Cure (/Amon Düül II/Hawkwind?!) as influences. Credo (from what movie?) might well be: “ALL, is ART! The rest is graham crackers.” Yum.