Club Crawl


Most DJs can’t claim to be novelists, but Tony Fletcher, who already has one book under his belt, DEAR BOY: THE LIFE OF KEITH MOON has bragging rights. His nightlife novel, HEDONISM, takes place in the early-’90s New York club scene and reminds one of the more sordid days at the Limelight. Fletcher will be reading passages from the book at MONDAZE; afterward real-life early-’90s techno DJs Frankie Bones and Heather Heart (of Sonic Groove) take a spin.

Monday @ 10, Sapphire Lounge, 249 Eldridge, 212.777.5153

She’s not an author, but she is a damn good DJ. Magda, Richie Hawtin’s right-hand lady, is back from Berlin for the monthly MICROMINI jam (which, you can infer from the name, focuses on the micro side of house and techno). She’s joined by Sammy Dee of Pantytec fame.

Thursday @ 10, Filter 14, 432 W 14th, 212.366.5680

Another lady with skills headlines at Avalon, for a revival of the TRU SKUL party. Chicago house DJ Colette, who is also a member of the supergroup SuperJane—and who sings and spins—tops the bill. The funkier beats should be a welcome change from the hammering techno and trance madness normally featured at the revamped venue (which, I’ll report, is actually quite nice). Also playing is local boy Kimyon.

Friday @ 10, Avalon, 47 W 20th, 212.807.7780

Charlie Dark, best known as a former member of Attica Blues, has a guest appearance this week at (where else?) APT. Coming out of hiding are Greg Poole and Dinesh Boaz, two 2steppers who still rock the funk.

Thursday @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212.414.4245