Oye Como Va Que Ritmo Diplomatic Misanthropy Mulatta


Voyeuristic thrills at bad-boy pop stars acting out hormonal idiocy until it all collapses are pretty reprehensible. But then Juelz “I admire the courage of Mohammad Atta” Santana is pretty reprehensible too. And so am I, for acting the voyeur he demands I become. On “Jealousy” he apologizes for hitting his girl, but maybe only regrets getting brung up on charges. Besides, it wasn’t his fault she was a cheating bitch, see, though maybe he loved her too much to hear his big brother Cam warn him what a lying bitch she was, or maybe he thought it would be all good ’cause he kept her in cuffs.

But over the course of From Me to U, he feels the tragic narrative getting inscribed over him as much as we do, and his lyrics hammer away at the walls of fate closing in, voice fulla popped explosives and hissed sibilants. He starts lines and the Heatmakerz’ chopped speed-soul samples complete them, like he’s asking the world every question and it keeps giving the same answer. “And no escaping the hatred and no escaping the matrix, man/Only Neo is me, no Cleo can see my future, if she did I’d shoot her.” Yeah Juelz, me too.

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