Five out of six works on this fall’s “Fresh Tracks” program hinted that DTW has been hijacked by ETW—NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though it resulted in lots of talk and relatively little dancing. The Lithuanians of Fresh Death, a rambling shaggy-bear story by Linas Phillips and John Wyzniewski with Jo Williamson, was the most compelling of the lot; Ivy Baldwin’s To Tears in a Bucket— really a sadomasochistic playlet for herself, Jennifer Uzzi, and Enid Smith—was the most strident. Jennifer Archibald and Daryl Owens offered an arch “meta” dance that literally left us in the dark. Ann Gadwa plumbed a series of dreams about monster babies to comic effect. Pascale Wettstein’s 3 P.M., a moody study for novice movers, promised more than it delivered. Begin Again, Melinda Ring’s whirling, Duncan-esque gambol to Beethoven’s “Pathétique,” was the only “pure” dance on the bill; practically a generation older than the others, Ring offered a stark contrast to their offhand, ironic work.