Out of the Woods


With the exception of its hip clientele, there’s something strangely un-Brooklyn about Royal Oak—the bar’s vibe is more akin to some secret Masonic lodge on the outskirts of town. Two sprawling oak-framed rooms (and porthole window “make-out” nook) are decorated in hand-flocked wallpaper, Chinese-silk covered chairs, black leather booths, and candlestick light fixtures, creating a cozy den of old-world elegance. You feel as if you’re nuzzled in a Swiss ski chalet rather than kickin’ it on a quasi-industrial/ suburban street under the BQE. The only real complaint about this gem of a tavern is its poor sound system—muffly speakers in the front room makes the music indiscernible. (DJs spin nightly with karaoke on Mondays.) Thankfully, the delectable cocktails—some are made with fresh raspberries—drown out the noise. Wet your whistle on the Bramble (blackberry liqueur, gin, lemon, and sugar; $6) or their private stock of the Rolling Rock-like “Sweet Ups” beer, $3. On weekends it’s totally packed with young and good-looking indie-rockers and fashionistas—quickly becoming the swankier annex to the nearby Enid’s, 560 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, 718.349.3859, or the rockabilly hole Union Pool, 484 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, 718.609. 0484.

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