Table Talk


The Voice Table Talk team smoked out 17-year-old Zoe Trope, author of the memoir Please, Don’t Kill the Freshman (Harper Collins), in Portland, Oregon, where she was sipping a Carnation Instant Breakfast shake in her parent’s kitchen at 12:16 p.m. PST.

Channeling James Lipton: “What sound or noise do you love?” I guess that sound would have to be like when someone’s walking down the street and you hear change jingling in their pocket, or their jewelry clinking together.

Your writing reminds me a little of Margaret Yang from Rushmore. But it seems like your heart lies with Margot Tenenbaum. Why were you crazy enough about her to give one of your friends that pseudonym in PDKTF? I can see Margaret Yang, sort of, but actually I’ve always thought of myself as a female Max Fisher because I was so involved with everything in school. It’s that same drive to do everything. The Margot Tenenbaum thing, I had tried to rename her, that girl, my friend, like eight times. Any name I gave her didn’t fit for more than five seconds because she was changing.

Do people bring up your self-described “PoMosexuality” a lot and who are you looking to date? Someone in Italy will invariably e-mail me about it. They seem fascinated by the idea of a postmodern sexual, but not a lot of people have asked me about it specifically. I’m 17, so I’m jailbait. But a really nice 18-year-old, that would make me very happy. Guys are good. Girls are good.

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