Modern Times is the headline attraction in this set, which also contains new digital transfers of Chaplin’s most famous silent feature, The Gold Rush (1925); his one-on-one dustup with look-alike Adolf Hitler, The Great Dictator (1940); and his last American movie, the self-reflexive Limelight (1952). (The Circus and City Lights, the two silent features made between The Gold Rush and Modern Times,are included in a forthcoming second volume.) Each film is complemented by production stills and deleted scenes, an introduction by biographer David Robinson, and a recent documentary meditation involving a well-known filmmaker. In addition to one such doc, made with the participation of the Brothers Dardenne, the Modern Times extras include Por Primera Vez! (For the First Time, 1967), Octavio Cortazar’s short report on the reaction of a peasant audience to its first film—guess which—and itself a small classic of leftist cinephilia.

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