Jeez, this guy Bill Irwin is soooo unprofessional. Look at him in The Regard Evening: He’s still asleep in bed when they call “places.” He gets a cue to dance and can’t even find his left shoe. He ends every dance break by collapsing at the stage left portal. Every time he starts to lecture he slips into gibberish. He keeps getting caught on the wrong side of the curtain, and can’t ever find the break. And he actually bothers to let some self-appointed “critic” in the audience chase him around and pester him with questions. Who ever told this guy he was a serious actor—a “new theater” actor, if you please? They must have been nuts—this Irwin is a total clown. Believe me, the audience was laughing openly at him, from start to finish. I don’t know what kind of serious work he thinks he’s doing: He tosses around a lot of big words, but every move he makes, he falls into something, usually his wardrobe trunk. He has a guy named Doug Skinner with him, an OK pianist, and a pretty fair ventriloquist. But that Irwin—strictly a buffoon. You don’t believe me? Go there and see if you don’t laugh too. All evening long.

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