The Ties That Bind: Making Connections (or Not) In Brooklyn


Rope owner Frank Moe designed his bar with a particular patron in mind: himself. Fortunately, the Frenchman’s tastes are neither pretentious nor indiscriminate. He’s adapted the Bauhaus dictum that form follows function to create an environment that is both comfortable and elegantly spare. Eames-esque chairs and tables unobtrusively hug the wall, to give the bar an open, airy ambience. The couches and coffee tables in the back welcomingly isolate, providing the rare opportunity for intimate conversation while downing your favorite brew. Even the name itself is the product of thoughtful design—both an homage to the nearby naval yard and a defunct rope factory, and a reminder of his modest, Zen-like philosophy. The knot he painted on the door is neither tied nor untied, and represents the possibilities of social interaction. “Something happens,” he says. “You either connect or not. A bar is a place where things happen.” But one unique feature was an accident. Moe was unable to peel off all the old plaster to expose the brick wall, so white peninsula-like shapes remain in relief. They’re fun to look at as you drink from a well-chosen selection of beers (Negra Modelo and Pilsner Urquell for $4; a near-perfect Guinness for $5), and $4 well drinks give your wallet comfort too. Plus, happy hour is daily from 5:30 to 7:30, during which all beers and well drinks are $3. Walter Gropius would be proud.

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