Dessert Oasis: A New Downtown Bar Pairs Cocktails & Treats


Before making fruitless resolutions to eat healthier, save money by dining in, and drink less, give gluttony one “last” hurrah at ChikaLicious, New York’s first dessert bar. Within this minimal, clean, and intimate space resembling a young urban professional’s eat-in kitchen, co-owner-chef Chika Tillman and her business partner-pastry chef, Donna Ryan, personally craft and serve their delicacies. Along with third co-owner-dishwasher Don Tillman, Chika’s husband, they will suggest matching wines to cap off your night. The menu changes daily, and the sparkling house cocktail changes seasonally. Recently, the epicurean architects offered a blood orange champagne ($10, champagne with syrup and ice cube made from the ruby fruit). Treats can be enjoyed on their own, but why not bid farewell to 2003 with a glass of wine (from a list that includes Vinum petit syrah and chard-no-way Chenin Blanc, $8; dessert wines, $9 to $14; ports, $10 to $14; sherries, $10; and Yuengling, $5) and the prix fixe menu ($12) of an amuse to tickle your palate (one might be kumquat soup with mascarpone sorbet) and your choice of a main dessert (such as caramelized apple slices on a nest of shredded filo dough accompanied by a scoop of Granny Smith sorbet and cinnamon ice cream), followed by petit fours such as a cranberry marshmallow, clementine truffle, or vanilla butter cream snowman perched on a tiny cookie. Don’t worry about being too self-indulgent; the creations are what one might call pleasantly petite.

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