Listings – 1/6/2004


Just when you couldn’t deal with any more holidays, here comes another one. The Martin Luther King holiday is upon us, which means yet another three-day weekend. EXPANSIONS, the successful Brooklyn house jam is jumping to the West Village as part of its three-year anniversary celebration. The usual suspects, Markus Rice and Joey Aponte, plus special guest Kayo, will be on hand to spin sugar for you. Sunday @ 9, Luke & Leroy, 21 Seventh Ave S, 917.251.2323, expansions.blinks.ne

Usually you have to wait for major holidays to get a taste of MOTHERFUCKER, but lucky for you MF DJ Michael T has a birthday right about now (I suppose you could consider his date of birth a national holiday). Performances by the Flesh, plus a late-night cabaret with a performance from the b-day boy (who is also spinning) and DJs Christine Renee, Ultragrrrl, and Justine, rock new wave, post-punk, and everything in between. Thursday @ 10, Bar 13, 35 E 13th, 212.979.6677

It’s the month for birthdays and DJs apparently, as Frankie Knuckles celebrates his birthday with an all-day bash and rare set opposite David Morales. The two house maestros haven’t spun together in New York in 12 years, so this is a rare opportunity for house-heads who relish such things. Frankie is also soon to release his first studio album in seven years, yet another reason to dance and sing, get up and do your thing. Sunday @ 3, SBNY, 50 W 17th, 212.691.0073