Brooklyn is back. After a lull (Luxx parties and electroclash are over), the big borough is on the rebound. You can spend the entire weekend there if you want—riding the G train between Williamsburg and DUMBO. The folks behind Joe’s Pub celebrate the grand opening of Volume, which is a huge, rough warehousey space off the beaten path. Expect to see DJs you are familiar with like Gigolo Records’ Ben Rhymer, James “Fu#%king” Friedman, Ben Dietz of Refuse 1515, Max Pask, and JDH of Flyer mag. The famed UK video arts collective Tomato will also have an art installation on display. Saturday @ 9, Volume, 99 N 13th St, Bklyn

Down in DUMBO, there are two different parties around the corner from each other. The first, at tried-and-true venue Lunatarium, is a Detroit-techno and Chicago-house lover’s delight, with Traxx from Gigolo, Tim Xavier of 773, and Adam X of Sonic Groove, as well as fellow New Yorkers Function, Kimyon, Sleepyface, and Boo spinning in one room. There’s more! Tech-house bizness comes courtesy of Francis Harris (Matter/:form) and Holmar Filipsson (of Pokerflat Records), plus Rich Bourque, Juan C, and somewhere in there, Tommie Sunshine wearing sunglasses and playing rekkids. With a 21-plus policy, it’s like a rave for grown ups. Saturday @ 10, Lunatarium, 10 Jay St, Bklyn,

For a headier electronic-music experience—think IDM—go to SICKNESS. Despite what the party’s name would lead you to believe, some of the music is pretty and melodic, with offbeat rhythms that won’t make you sick. (OK, there is a track called “Puking On E” that is really jarring.) Performances are by Venetian Snares, Optic, Society Cleaners, and Lance Blisters. Names that mean nothing to most people but are all pseudonyms of local producers making left-field experimental noise. Saturday @ 10, Élan, 88 Front St, DUMBO, Bklyn,