Open and Shut


It’s not enough these days for a store to sell one type of product. It can’t just be a music store or a furniture outlet or a clothing boutique. It must be all three—at the same time. And it must be a living, breathing art installation, too.

At least, this is the idea behind the new Breakbeat Science store set to open in Tokyo this spring. A collaboration between New York groups Surface to Air (which is in itself a multi-faceted artist collective), menswear designer Yoko Devereaux, and denim makers rag & bone, the store aims to be everything to all people, particularly people with snazzy taste in fashion, interior design, and music. Unlike its New York original, the Tokyo Science store will not focus mainly on drum’n’bass, nor will it center around vinyl sales—which is probably smart since the BBS store recently sent out a letter of apology to its customers, explaining that the prices for vinyl 12-inches would be going up for the first time in five years, thanks to the poor exchange rate of the American dollar versus the British pound. DB, the main Scientist, says the 1,000-square-foot Tokyo store—designed by Surface to Air—will include some indie rock in its eclectic mix of music.

Besides dealing with the Tokyo BBS store, DB’s been holed up in the studio for the last four months with drum’n’bass producer Stakka. With guest appearances by Morningwood‘s singer Chantal Claret and Mark Holmes from local band Actual Proof, it’s “not like any d’n’b album I know anyone’s ever put out,” DB says.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I hear that Centro-fly has been sold to the owners of Miami’s swanky, fabulous Bed. The club will remain in its current form until March, I’m told, and then the South Beach nightspot owners take over, presumably remaking it in Bed’s own very lounge-y, very glammy, very bottle-service-y image. Not fantastic news for those of us who don’t want to shell out $300 for a bottle of vodka that goes for $25 at the corner store. However, I did see Richie Hawtin spin at Bed during the Winter Music Conference last year, so perhaps your financial pain will be eased by good music. At the very least, if the music sucks you can take a nap on one of the many, erm, beds. C-fly co-owners Tom Sisk and David Baxley could not be reached for comment, but Candice Ferreira of Bed nicely replied to my queries. “Dear Tricia, We have no official comments yet for the press regarding BED NY. Keep in touch within the next few months or check out our website calendar of events page for future details.” Will do, Candice! Contrary to popular belief, club people can be so helpful.

Also on the chopping block is Arc, née Vinyl, which we hear has been sold and is to be remade into an actual money-making venture—luxury apartments. On Sinvin Realty’s website, it says that 6 Hubert Street is “in contract,” and the agency’s director of commercial realty, Jeremy Markoe, confirmed that there is an “accepted offer,” and expected the deal—which “well exceeded” $18 million—to close “by the end of the month.” He also added that the building would be “residentially converted,” which means no more Arc. When contacted, however, Arc’s main man, Mike Bindra, denied that the club or the building it is a part of has been sold, saying, “It is not true. The building is on the market, [and] has been on the market for quite some time, but has not been sold. Should the status of the building change, I will certainly let you know.” Thanks, Mike! (See, I told you club people were helpful.) Bindra also added that the club has events booked through April, and says, “Over the years there have been numerous potential deals on the building with many expected contract/deal dates that have come and gone . . . still no sale.”

We also heard that Spirit shut down for the month of January because it wasn’t doing so hot, and that they decided to scrap the whole spiritual shebang. However, the club’s publicist, Maggie Stein, (she really is helpful) said that the Body/Mind/Soul concept will still be intact, but that they are regrouping and relaunching at the end of the month with Cornelis Craane, formerly of Expo, helping out. The reopening is slated for February 7, and starting late February, Ms. Maggie says that the club/spa/restaurant will be open on Friday nights as well. After all this craziness, I might need to get a massage.