Listings – 1/27/2004


The chances of dancing in New York instead of standing around and looking fabulous are usually slim to none. But when Matthew Dear played recently at Filter 14, everyone danced up a storm. His record Leave Luck to Heaven is a perfect combination of crystalline production, sharp techno edges infused with actual soul, and deep, body-moving basslines. He’s playing with Dizzee Rascal, and there are a whole lotta people who are really excited about him, too. The event marks the return of Soundlab—once the purveyors of the art-noise genre illbient. DJ Singe returns to the new space Volume. See the Short List.

Saturday @ 9:30, Volume, 9 N 13th St, Bklyn, no phone

When he’s not making wicked drum’n’bass with his Mathematics partners, Roy Dank can be found moonlighting at his monthly house excursion POP YOUR FUNK, thrown with Brennan Green of Balihu Records. This month they welcome a veritable dance-music legend—Andrew Weatherall, of 2 Lone Swordsmen fame. Usually Mr. Weatherall traffics in nasty electro, but this week he’ll be spinning a special “punk-funk” set. Again, we all must endure the claustrophobic confines of APT. Worth it, though.

Thursday @ 9, APT, 419 W 13th, 212.414.4245

There’s a little cozy bar/lounge on Avenue C with nothing more than a little blue light shining to announce its presence. The bar—called Nublu—is run by the folks who also have a record label and a collective orchestra of the same name. The record Wax Poetic, with appearances by the likes of Norah Jones, is strongly reminiscent of trip-hop, yet it’s not derivative in the least. The whole crew comes together at Joe’s Pub this week.

Monday @ 11, Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette, 212.539.8778