Kylie’s little sister bounces back into the singles bars


Dannii Minogue’s Neon Nights, which spawned four Top 10 U.K. singles, finds Kylie’s little sis (gracing the cover in a black halter dress and gold sequined heels) in a seductive mood. The Aussie princess demands her pleasure in the opening track, “Put the Needle on It,” whispering, singing, and rapping (“I’ll tell you where I want it.”); in “Vibe On,” she applies her characteristic zeal to her vibrator. “Creep” finds her in a nightclub, with “temptation in the air.”

Dannii, like the original borderline gal, nails the clubbing vibe—the flirtation, excitement, anonymity. But “I Begin to Wonder” finds her isolated and lovelorn, walking streets in a fugue of loneliness. Seems she’s been spending all her time out dancing to try and get over a guy. So maybe this is really a submerged breakup album.

In “Hey! (So What)” she’s back navigating the single life, waiting out late nights, trying not to go home alone. Even with all her courage and bravado, moving on isn’t easy. Neon Nights captures that in-between toward the end of the night, before you know whether you’ll be leaving with someone—a moment of indecision often more exciting than the outcome itself.