People who whine about techno music having no soul obviously have never heard Luomo, Vladislav Delay’s minimal-house alter ego. Luomo’s second disc, The Perfect Lover, is a pretty, breathy slice of techno, with grooves so deep you’ll get lost. Delay does a live turn at the usually hard and fast techno weekly TRONIC TREATMENT, which is giving its normally amped-up schedule a little R&R. Monday @ 10, Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan, 212.252.2151

On the flip side is the power-charged lineup at the Kompakt v. Rephlex party, which recently added the wicked talents of Miss Kittin to the gig. In the experimental showdown, in one corner we have minimal techno’s sharp edges fighting with Rephlex’s left-field curves. Michael Mayer, Superpitcher, Bogdan Raczynski, and SoundMurderer battle it out. Miss Kittin, presumably, is officiating. Saturday @ 10, Volume, 99 N 13th St, Bklyn, no phone

If these two shows aren’t enough to console those of you who didn’t go to Miami for the Winter Music Conference, then drum’n’bass heads will rejoice in the fact that Direct Drive is hosting the monstrous WORLD OF DRUM’N’BASS tour with all the big guns on board, including Grooverider, Shy FX, and SS, to name just a few. Where’s the lighta crew? Thursday @ 10, Spirit, 530 W 27th, 212.613.0900

Last, we must not ignore the return of Sasha and Digweed, the dynamic duo that played Twilo every month for four years. They haven’t been here together in a while (although they played via satellite on New Year’s at Avalon L.A. and New York). Get your prog trance on just a block away from their old stomping ground at Crobar, which is finally getting its act together. Friday @ Crobar, 530 W 28th, 212.629.9000

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