New York

Not Ready for Prime Time


The BushCo campaign kicked off Wednesday with a foot right to the gut of the 9/11 survivors, TV ads invoking the “day of tragedy” to promote the idea that BushCo will make us “safer, stronger.” Families, firefighters howled in anger at being used, and the campaign sent out a damage control team of aides to counter that—including the big gun, Rudy Giuliani.

The most scintillating campaign TV, however, was Tuesday night’s Maurice Hinchey Show. (See the Congressional Record for a transcript and Hinchey’s home page for the video.) Millions were no doubt narcotized by American Idol, but surfing to C-Span these days may be just as entertaining.

A little-publicized Democratic congressman whose upstate district stretches from Ithaca to Poughkeepsie, Hinchey blasted BushCo on a near-empty House floor for a solid hour, accusing the GOP corporation of lying about the reasons for war, screwing up the Iraq occupation, and stifling the investigation by the 9/11 Commission. Unlike BushCo, Hinchey could back up his allegations with facts and figures—starting with 550 dead U.S. soldiers, 2,700 wounded or maimed, $150 billion (and counting) spent on Iraq. Now that was reality TV.

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