Rent-Poor Choreographer Proposes


A cry from the heart of Williamsburg artist Christopher Caines.

Nice place you have here. I’m proud of it, did much of the work myself. Fully sprung dancefloor, 25 by 35; the Marley is from Merce’s studio—good karma. Natural light, no columns, a piano, a video monitor, audio—and a 14-foot ceiling, so you can really jump and do lifts. Everyone who’s worked here loves it. Only 15 minutes from Union Square.

Your old loft was nice too. Why did you move? My roommate dumped her schizophrenic sister in the place. She was delusional, raving, wrecked my rehearsals by blasting punk rock. Ruined my life. It was better to spend my money on moving than a lawyer. But my rent there was cheap. Here, it almost equals my income.

Impossible! If I can rent the studio out 20 or 30 hours a week, I’ll be OK. I hope to keep the rent at $10 an hour, offer a discount for long-term renters. Everyone complains about the lack of rehearsal space. I have something special to contribute to the dance community, especially here in Williamsburg.

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