The Resort of Last Resort


Pictured on American TV as just another Club Med, Guantánamo’s Camp X-Ray was instead being called a “legal black hole” by Britain’s law lords. Jamal al-Harith, 37, of Manchester, recently returned home from his lengthy stay in Guantánamo, told of being shackled hand to foot for 15 hours and beaten by guards called the Extreme Reaction Force. There were stories of horrified Muslims like al-Harith being forced to look at scantily clad girls dancing in front of them, trying to sex up the guys by wiping menstrual blood across their faces. The men didn’t find any of this amusing and didn’t want to look at the girls.

“They are being treated with the appropriate care and, yes, compassion that they did not show our people,” Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld explained recently to critics of Guantánamo.

Additional reporting: Meritxell Mir in Barcelona, Alicia Ng, and Ashley Glacel

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