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Bushes Against Bush


“We want our name back.” That’s the battle cry—actually a statement of principles—from a gaggle of Americans named Bush don’t want to be associated with the current Bush Error. And, no, they aren’t what Robert Welch would have called “Comsymps.” Chat with these non-Bush Bushes. Feel their pain: “We want the world to know that not everyone with this proud surname shares the views of this president. Many in our family have served in our country’s armed forces with pride and distinction. We cherish the liberties that our government protects, and the ideals upon which this nation was founded. Our critique of this president is a critique of one man and his administration. We believe that this exercise of free speech is patriotism in the truest sense of the word.”

Halfway around the planet, there’s another bush-against-Bush brouhaha. As widely reported, strange women in Thailand knocked on Neil Bush‘s hotel room door and had sex with him. They were not prostitutes, he insisted. “It was very unusual,” was all Neil would say. Well, not all. See Lloyd Grove‘s account. The point is that you can press Neil all you want and still not get much out of him, unless you knock on his hotel room door. You get enough, however, for him to land on a respectable publication’s disrespect page: Harper‘s Whores site.

Where does this leave brother George? After all, Dubya told the UN last fall that he was firmly against “sex tourism.” Of course, he was talking mainly about child prostitutes. And he didn’t mention Neil.

Bush family values—tough to figure. For a good time, take the Neil Bush Family Values Quiz. And to get a good grip on Dubya, try, run by two Texas profs whose links are particularly handy, whether you’re a Bush or not.

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