Swing Time


How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office, a guide for young activists, got a publicity boost this month when HarperCollins, which published Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men, sent the independent Soft Skull Press a cease-and-desist letter. Co-editor and “pleasure activist” Adrienne Maree Brown spoke to Table Talk.

Is your book better than Michael Moore’s?

There are so many books coming out now that say “Bush is a retard”—very negative. We want to not just say “Bush is bad,” but “Be inspired,” because young people can swing elections.

But none of your 12 co-writers are famous.

The people in the book are normal people. Most of them aren’t doing this full-time. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. We’ve been so rigid on the left in saying you have to dedicate your life to the revolution. For a majority of people, that’s not where they are. But as a normal young person you can tap in, like on our website, and this can be part of your dating-Friendster-online experience.

You say in the book that you voted for Nader. Moore also stumped for him. Any regrets? There is no organizational structure for progressives to stage an opposition right now. If you can have a coalition and put your people in power, you can change things.