A Russian visitor recently noted a tendency among downtowners to “choreograph the rhythm, not the melody.” He’s right; it’s an epidemic, infecting two works at DTW this weekend. Brian Brooks’s charming Acre, abstract and formalist and distinctly linear, has a score by Tom Lopez and great layered, green costumes by Roxana Ramseur that occupy the mind as the sleek but often repetitive movement unfolds. Acre climaxes with a rendition of “It’s Not Easy Being Green” that should have been its end.

Sharing the bill is Julie Atlas Muz’s wild fusion of The Rite of Spring (to a rock version of Stravinsky’s score arranged and played by the Butcher Shop Quartet) and the story of JonBenet Ramsey. Muz, a participant in this season’s Whitney Biennial, is a stripper who’s recruited colleagues of several genders, notably Luke Miller and Kate Valentine; fleshier than most theatrical dancers, they handle the choreography—mostly simple runs and leaps and skips—with aplomb. Performed by a dozen JonBenets in curly platinum wigs and glittery red lips, and paced by a chesty unicorn (the World Famous *BOB*) sporting a sparkling white dildo between her eyes, this Rite‘s a tour de force. The JonBenets wear nothing under their organdy party dresses, and they do headstands.

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