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Machine Age



Fridays at 8:30 on ABC

Maybe I’ve been watching too many cleaning shows, but this conventional network sitcom actually makes me smile. A spoiled African American rich kid (Kevin Hart) is forced to live with blue-collar relatives in the ‘hood when his dad is arrested for embezzlement. It’s The Fresh Prince turned inside out, but Hart exudes such goofy charisma he just might pull it off.


Thursdays at 9 on SciFi Channel

Areality miniseries aimed at hip subcultural kids too cool to watch Survivor, Mad Mad House throws together a vampire who looks like Marilyn Manson, a tattooed “modern primitive,” a sexy witch, a naked raw-food freak, and a voodoo priestess, and lets them play head games with a bunch of clueless regular folk willing to keep an open mind if it wins them $100,000. So far not as entertaining as it sounds, but one can hope.


April 6 at 9 on Discovery Times Channel

This miniseries (shown every three weeks) follows young workers on the presidential-election trail, offering an intimate glimpse of the people who keep the exhausting process moving.

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