Dubya Dolls


Even as his Captain Queeg–ish press conference performance tore up the airwaves, an invitation to dress the prez “in hilarious outfits that reflect his true character” crossed our desk. Alas, it was not from the White House (we have some things we’d like to dress down George about while we dress him up), but rather from the folks behind the Dubya doll, a 7.25-inch refrigerator-magnet who follows on the heels of Michelangelo’s David, Venus de Milo, and other fridge dolls of seasons past. In his most recent incarnation, the miniature commander in chief (really a paper doll with a magnetic bod that alleviates the tabs conventional paper dolls depend on) has his pick of three costumes: a Dorothy dress for state visits to Oz (with the added fillip of Dick Cheney in a basket as Toto), a bloody tool, for masquerading as Texas Chainsaw Dubya, and a flowered bikini, for lazy afternoons under the Crawford sun. Don’t think Bushie in any outfit is a laughing matter? Cheer up: The Republican convention—when you’ll get a chance don your own Dorothy dress, wave a placard, and scream right in his face—is only four months away.