Scott Herren of Prefuse 73 Learns in Barcelona How to Post-Rock Ignorably


“Good music to ignore.” That’s how a friend describes all that listless Chicago post-rock pap so fashionable a few years back. You put on an album, notice how pretty it sounds, then tune out while reading a magazine or checking e-mail. Upon realizing that the record has ended, you file it in your collection and pat yourself on the back for making such a smart, hip purchase.

Apropa’t isn’t technically Chicago post-rock (though look! John McEntire of the Sea and Cake is here! So is John Herndon of Tortoise! Gee, what a party!), but it is good music to ignore. It’s Scott Herren, better known for his more warm-blooded, beat-oriented work as Prefuse 73, and a honey-voiced Catalan singer named Eva Puyuelo, whom he met while living in Barcelona, making “beautiful,” “melancholy,” “hypnotic,” “breezy” music inspired by Brazilian pop composers and life in Spain. Instruments used: classical guitar, harmonium, concertina, bajo sexto, guitarron, harps. Press release says: “Apropa’t captures a mood of dreamy intimacy, candlelit reverie and emotional intensity.” Translation: Apropa’t captures a mood of dreamy intimacy of a couple shopping for furniture at Pottery Barn. This is the kind of thing indie boys put on when they want to have sex.

Savath & Savalas play the Bowery Ballroom April 16.