Lagerfeld for Less


Sure, you go to H&M to find clothes that are vaguely designer-ish—at least as designer-ish as something less than $30 can be—but let’s face it: No matter how disposably groovy, an H&M provenance is profoundly lacking in snob appeal. Now comes word that, taking a leaf from Target’s highly successful collaboration with Isaac Mizrahi (too bad you can’t buy those cheap Isaac togs anywhere in Manhattan; you have to go to . . . ), the Swedish behemoth has hooked up with the venerable, once-chubby-now-ridiculously-skinny Karl Lagerfeld, the masterful maestro behind Chanel, Fendi furs, and sundry other high-end labels. According to well-placed sources, Lagerfeld will be designing a small collection for H&M this November, and his svelte self may even grace a billboard or two.

Look for the Fashionable Union Logo

In other H&M news, with any luck those always-in-style union buttons will be livening up the outfits of your friendly H&M salespeople someday soon: According to Women’s Wear Daily, UNITE has won the right to organize some 200 workers at H&M’s distribution centers in New Jersey and Connecticut, and discussions to organize store workers are under way.