Carlos Castaneda: Enigma of a Sorcerer

Directed by R. Torjan

Indican, June 2 through 15, Two Boots Pioneer

A self-proclaimed “psychedelic documentary” tragically mired in the nefarious Clinton-era cross-generational nexus of hippie hangover, New Age fiddle-faddle, and raver bliss-out, this infomercial-level project about shamanic teacher Carlos Castaneda floats its talking-head interviewees over an alarming variety of screen-saver patterns and Adobe After Effect doohickeys, set to relentless slabs of indigenous wood flutes, canned techno, and world-beat ululations. Mid-stretch, the largely disconnected soundbites from former acolytes, a would-be debunker and one “professor of Mythological Studies” break for a desktop-brewed, 2001-inspired trip-out sequence, done in the neon-electric acid-house style of iTunes Visualizer. If only there were drugs strong enough to make it all bearable: This never ending Learning Annex K-hole provides damning proof that independent film distribution has grown far too accessible.