Lez Is More: Straight Bars Court Queer Ladies Once a Week


Six 6 Seven Bar Gallery Lounge

667 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

718.855.8558, Mon at 9


390 Eighth Avenue

917.578.6504, Wed at 6:30

Second Nature

221 Second Avenue

212.254.2222, Tue at 6

There aren’t enough lesbian bars in this city. While boys have innumerable spots to choose from, the ladies are stuck frequenting the same watering holes every week while aching for a change of scenery. To compensate for such anorexic pickings, weekly parties held at straight bars have become all the rage. A prime example is “Snapshot,” the Tuesday-night rubfest at the newly refurbished Second Nature (né Gemini Lounge). A wee $3 cover gets you inside in time to gawk at funky hipster chicks (and some serious exhibitionists) dancing on two well-stocked bars. The locale sports four diverse rooms with comfy black banquettes, a pool table, partitioning metal-beaded curtains, and a photo exhibit. Liquor purchasable by the bottle (ranging from $100 to $300) or by drink specialty (try the toothsome coconut martini, $9) also makes this place a high point in the week’s forays. Heading to midtown? Trade in dim environs for bright flashing lights at Lovergirl and Exclusive Entertainment’s rowdy Wednesday happening at Ellie’s. Two packed floors dressed in black and silver with flowing white drapes house hip-hoppers as they kick back obscenely strong Jack and Cokes ($9). American Idol dreamers can sign up for early-night karaoke on the lower level as others two-step to DJ Eddie Rod upstairs. There’s a special party this week for Pride, with food, happy hour, a go-go dancer, and more. If Manhattan gatherings make you cringe, Brooklyn has a Monday-night fete called “Miss-Behave,” which just recently relocated to Six 6 Seven. Two dark, spacious rooms arbitrarily decorated with brightly painted canvases and glowing Buddha and Mary sculptures above a mishmash of couches serve as the backdrop for the adept musical workings of DJ Storm. Attractively verbose women of many flavors play pool or line the glossy wooden bar ordering one of 25 specialty cocktails like the banana split martini ($9)—a seemly alcoholic concoction replete with whipped cream, a cherry, and chocolate syrup. Not that the usual lesbian joints don’t offer such eye-catching goods, but these hetero spots that dare to let down their hair sure take the monotony out of the usual fare.


9 Ave A, 212.358.1440,

Don’t be fooled by the sign on the door: The symbol guy isn’t indicating a urinal inside what used to be bourgie bar Tapis Rouge. He’s beckoning boys to get other needs fulfilled. (What? I mean drinking!) Have a bottle of Bud ($5), a trendy Tiger ($6), or from 10 to midnight, have whatever the hell you want—a small cover charge gets you an open bar. ADKISON


700 E 9th & Ave C, 212.260.7970

Created by the proprietors of queer staples Starlite and WonderBar, this smart, one-room lounge donning a swirly-shaped bar, banquettes, mini-chandeliers, and tables opens its proverbial arms to everyone in (and out) of the community. As the bopping DJ slips on Prince’s “Controversy,” girl and boy bartenders chuckle with the clientele as they serve drinks from 11 types of wines and beers on-site. The place is so hip, it even has Lurisia water ($5)—Italy’s nectar of the gods! FRANKLIN


544 W 28th, 646.473.1866,

Since the 2002 demise of the Lure, New York’s manliest men have been getting their boots polished at the Eagle, two huge floors of uniform, leather, fetish, and some of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet. Beer is de rigueur, the less foofy the better, and you can consume said brew alfresco during Sunday’s rooftop beer blast—$2 domestic pints, $3 Jäger, $3 Cuervo shots, and $3 beer bottles. ADKISON


438 Hudson, 212.924.3347

It’s a conundrum how Henrietta’s gets hundreds of stylishly dressed lesbians into its three small rooms weekly. Even squeezing past the pool table or ordering $9 cosmos at one of two overrun (albeit jovial) bars, girls love everything about this long-standing standard. Minor renovations have given this thriving old lady a teensy breath of new life, and as always, on Pride Sunday thousands will chill on the sidewalk anticipating their turn to come inside. FRANKLIN


21 Seventh Ave S, 212.645.0004

This bi-level bar that used to be the ethnic and sapphic Crazy Nanny’s has dared to come out of the closet for one night—it’ll be Nanny’s on Pride Sunday. And it’s actually swank now (the onetime dive has been practically gutted) with cushy white seating, new lighting, a digital jukebox, and roped-off outside pavement (with chairs and a grandiose ashtray) for all the forgotten smokers out there. Plus they serve killer $10 margaritas! DJs Evil E and Mary Mac help women relive the days of yore. FRANKLIN


322 E 14th, 212.477.4744

Nowhere is now somewhere. This laid-back pseudo-dive has one of the newest pool tables in bardom, nightly drink specials (two-for-one happy hour), and a diverse (lotsa lesbs too), young clientele. Grab a Newcastle or Stella on draft ($5) and mingle. Although six-footers will need to watch out for the low ceiling and air duct, the welcoming atmosphere will more than make up for a bumped head. ADKISON


356 Bowery, 212.420.8885

We think happy hour at the cellar-dwelling Slide is tops—it’s dark, cool, and dirt-cheap. A beer costs only $3 (including a delicious Guinness), a mixed drink $4, and a call drink (time to load up on good whiskey) only $5. But the place gets hot once the party starts—the weekly Tigerbeat Underwear Party gets messier than usual for Pride, with mud wrestling on Saturday night. ADKISON