High Times Before the Convention


A “Panty Prime Minister,” a woman sporting a titanium-alloy missile strap-on dick, a man protesting police brutality, and others were among the activist groups and characters who gathered at the Pioneer Bar in downtown Manhattan on July 7 to celebrate the launch of High Times magazine’s Activist Guide to the RNC.

Jason Flores-Williams, author, activist, and organizer of the fete, hopes for a “fucking massive” protest when the Republicans descend upon the city at the end of August. “I don’t want New York to have this huge buildup and then 50 thousand people hit the streets, and it’s grandma’s day.”

It certainly wasn’t grandma’s night over at the Pioneer Bar. Inside the crowded bar, lingerie hung against the brick-walled interior and guests collected pamphlets as they milled about. One woman discussed the merits of newly added veep candidate John Edwards, “He’s kind of sexy in a pool boy, a cabana boy way . . . I like men with no experience,” while out on the sidewalk, a tiara-crowned princess belted out tunes with fellow Billionaires for Bush. Indeed, high times were had by all.

For a peak inside the festivities, watch this video.