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Super Soho Ensemble Scampers Past Audiences in East Village Theater


Hard to say where the collaborative septet of Bill Young and Dancers gets its titles—or any of its wild ideas, really, like turning a table into a bucking bronco ridden by Rein, Bellow’s Heather McArdle. Ripe for Hysteria, the title of the newest gem, sounds about right for this motley but crackerjack ensemble performing extreme dance-theater of the absurd. Co-conspirators Young and Colleen Thomas don’t seem to care that their abstract slapstick, frantic gestures apropos of nothing, and utterly wacky inventions whiz past viewers’ comparatively sluggish brains and eyes. Let one part—a few seconds of scampish action—stand for the whole: Thomas hurtling toward the wings, innocent bystander Young suddenly one-handing her long enough for Joseph Pouson to cart her away. (Say, did you catch that great play?) Finally, the Tisch crowd hooted, hollered, and made Young break into a lovable grin.