A tedious deconstruction/send-up of ’80s slasher flicks, Make a Wish fails on both counts: Combining all-gay characters with traditionally macho horror-movie clichés doesn’t ensure transgressive results, nor is slavishly sticking to those conventions likely to inspire hilarity. The premise is Cinemax by way of NewFest: Seven attractive lesbians meet in the Texas wilds for a birthday party camping trip. Susan (Moynan King), the celebrant and organizer, has been romantically entangled with each of the other campers. Sparks fly, and so does arterial spray, as the women begin to die in violent Halloween the 13th fashion. Several suspicious men, including a Hill Country Fabio (Eric Vichi) and a bow-hunting (!) redneck, lurk on the perimeter, subjecting the gals to their gaze, but the real killer is revealed in a “twist” that would’ve made Rod Serling balk. With its lukewarm gender politicking and clumsy performances, Make a Wish achieves only one real distinction: It has to be the dullest lesbian campout movie ever made.