Fat Mike Against the First President “To Enter Office With a Criminal Record”


This compilation is not about making a profit; it’s about making a difference,” says the big type on the inner sleeve. “It’s not about who’s a sellout or who’s more punk; it’s about uniting against a common enemy.” As will always be true of two CDs with 54 songs on them, they could be one CD with 27 songs on it. But that would go against the inclusive spirit of the project to which NOFX’s heroic Fat Mike has devoted himself since the meaning of Florida hit him like a ton of disqualified ballots. Each record sells for eight bucks shipped at with all profits to punkvoter and “like minded progressive organizations.” Each includes a bonus DVD and other useful propaganda. And each features loads of good material—much of it rare or otherwise unavailable, much of it explicitly political. Some of the best is by sellouts like Sum 41 and Green Day, some by true punks like Anti-Flag and the Dropkick Murphys (and NOFX), some by in-betweeners like the Epoxies and Sleater-Kinney. If you buy this shit and don’t vote to oust Bush, you are a sellout in the universal sense—and a punk in the hip-hop sense. Ditto if you just don’t vote.