Making the lavender programming on Showtime seem like The Children’s Hour, Helen Lesnick’s Inescapable is good dirty fun. Soft-butch architect Jessie and her lady friend, Susan, visit Susan’s old Smith pal Beth and her beloved, Chloe, in a rain-soaked Pacific Northwest town. While Susan and Beth attend a science writers’ conference and stroll down Seven Sisters memory lane, Jessie and Chloe go down on each other—on kitchen floors, in shower stalls, and in by-the-hour motel beds. Not even stale Go Fish–era jokes, halting line readings, and clunky slow-jams detract from Inescapable‘s main achievement as a sapphic stroke film. This is softcore: Do plot and dialogue really matter? The scenes of lesbo lust unfold leisurely, with the lead actresses reveling in the smut. No tidy morals, no championing of monogamy: These sisters are Doing It for themselves.