How to Bury a Millionaire


Show Them Some Love, and Chant, ‘Four More Wars!’

Billionaires for Bush, the country’s most lovable activist group for the wealthiest class, just announced the kickoff of its nationwide “Get on the Limo!” tour: a Million Billionaire March on July 27 during the Democratic National Convention in Boston and a rally the next day at the Old West Church.

So have yourself flown to Boston and hop aboard the limo!

“President Bush has awarded $1.1 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent,” says Milli O’Nair, of the Meadville, Pennsylvania, chapter of B4B. “I’m participating in the tour to remind all the working-class voters of their $400 tax refund. We’re all winners under this administration. Just some of us more than others.”

You may want to first consult Version of the Brooklyn-based group’s Be a Billionaire! The Billionaires for Bush Do-It-Yourself Manual to see a membership roster. It’s so gauche to share a name, isn’t it? Among the ones already taken are those of B4B execs Seymour Benjamins and Pam Perd (and National Limo Tour Director Monet Oliver d’Place). Other members include Reed Dickless Lee Rich III, Warren Proffitt, Z. Roe Compassion, Iona Senator, Gimmi Moore, Ilene Far-Right, Dee Regulation, D. Forestation, Bjorn Ritch, and Bill Fold.