It’s All Over But the Shouting in New York Next Month


The big-D Democrats wimp out. Now it’s up to the small-D democrats.

Finally, the last cup was poured at the Boston Tea. The sedate Democratic National Convention is finally over. We’re sedated.

“I’m John Kerry, and I’m reporting for duty,” the lanky dude from Massachusetts said Thursday night.

Thanks. Are there any other volunteers?

Yes, his running mate, John Edwards, who introduced this slogan to the crowd Wednesday night: “Hope is on the way.”

Luckily for those opposed to the Bush regime, help is on the way: There are thousands waiting for Dubya to come to Manhattan to be confronted about what the hell has happened in this country since January 2001.

In accepting the nomination, Kerry seemed to focus more on his own mother than on that mother in the White House.

When he said, “I want to address these next words directly to President George W. Bush,” hearts thump-thumped in anticipation. And then Kerry said this: “In the weeks ahead, let’s be optimists, not just opponents.”

Isn’t that sweet? Except that it means just more pressure on the New York City protesters to try to save this election for the Democratic Party. While the protesters are getting thwacked, maybe they can spit out the specific complaints about the Bush regime that Kerry and the other Democrats don’t want to express.

Maureen Dowd had the Democratic Party (and its party in Boston) so nailed that she could have just packed up her quill and inkpot and headed back to New York City before Kerry even spoke.

Dowd had it nailed, in fact, before she even finished the first sentence of her New York Times Thursday morning column, “Banned in Boston”: “The Democratic convention stage has the hushed mahogany dignity of a Republican men’s club . . .”

Aside from that chilling imagery, she wrote, “The Democrats think the way to overthrow the Republicans is to mimic Republicans. Democratic rivalries are tamped down; liberal losers are kept offstage or out of prime time; the positive message—strength, heroism and patriotism—is relentlessly drummed in.”

Dowd added, “Democrats on the podium who want to rip the nation’s leaders as vile, dangerous deceivers who cried wolf on WMD, trampled the Constitution, and left Iraq in chaos have to stuff it, if not shove it. Their speeches are scrubbed; Bush and Cheney are barely mentioned.”

That’s likely to change in late August, when it’ll be high noon in Manhattan for damn near a week.